Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

How is T.J.'s relationship with his new friends?

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TJ takes up with the older Simms boys. T.J. is now part of the 'gang' of the Simms boys, and admits that he will do anything to get the pearl handled revolver in the store. Late one night he comes to the children's bedroom, badly hurt and tells them of a bungled theft at the store. T.J. climbed in a window and let the Simms' in, but they were caught by the storekeeper. The Simms' knocked down and possibly killed both him and his wife. After they fled, the Simms' beat T.J., hoping to keep him from telling anyone about the crime. It's easy to see that friendship between the Simms boys and TJ was never part of what the Simms meant to do. They were merely using a very naïve and vulnerable TJ.