Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

help plz

write a letter in which

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In writing your letter, you'll want to tell the neighbors things they don't already know.......... everyone knows the owners of Wallace's store are racist; you're neighbors have experienced the same things you have; what you need to do is convince them to shop in Vicksburg. How do you make them do that?

Wallace's store is local, some people can't travel, some people can't afford to. In your letter you need to persuade your neighbors to do something that isn't convenient. When I go to the grocery store that's more expensive, it's because I'm lazy, and that's the store that's most convenient............ I dive further to purchase gas cheaper.............. where's my savings? Well, they're in my head.

To convince your neighbors, you have to make it easy, convenient. Set up group shopping trips, offer to pick up groceries in Vicksburg for someone unable to travel. Everyone knows why you want to boycott the Wallace store, and they probably agree............ but you have to convince them that it won't make their lives that much more difficult. Good luck!