Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Help me plz i need it :(

1.why did big ma say was the reason that people like mr.simms thought they were better than black people ?

2.why do you think big ma made cassie apologize to lillian jean

3.why did t.j., cassie, and stacey have to wait so long to be helped in mr. barrnett's store

4. why did big ma take stacey and cassie to strawberry with her did uncle hammer react to the news of mr. simms pushing cassie off the sidewalk

6.why do you think t.j. made fun of stacey and his new coat

7.Why did uncle hammer and mr.morrisonlook like they hadn't slept all night

8.why did mama mean when referring to the brige incident by saying "one day we'll play''?

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Read the book and the answers are right there on the page. These are simple "who did what to whom" questions that you can find if you read.