Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Following Symbols in Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry!

What does Stacys suit jacket, uncle hammers car, and Jeremy's flute symbolize?

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When Mama asks for Stacey's coat to shorten the sleeves, he has to admit that he has lent it to TJ until he grows into it. TJ was making fun of him, calling him preacher because of the way the coat fit. Mama wants him to get it back, but Uncle Hammer tells Stacey that if he is stupid enough to give his coat away, then TJ can keep it permanently; Stacey will not survive in the world if he lets people take things from him. The Jacket symbolizes both TJ's betrayal of friendship and Stacey's maturation process. 

The car would symbolize social mobility of blacks to Uncle Hammer and the family. It would represent a visible shift in both economics and social status for blacks in the South. Whites would see it as offensive. They would be reminded of the South's failure in the Civil War. They would be angry and vengeful.

Jeremy Simms arrives at the door and gives the family some nuts and Stacey a flute that he carved himself. Stacey cannot understand why Jeremy brought him a gift until Papa suggests he gave Jeremy the gift of friendship in the past year