Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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What is the authors purpose and effects created by having the novel narrated by a nine year old girl.

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the purpose to me was that to make the book seem a little better he used her and had her tell the story to attract all the little kids or any reader into the book i dont know really im just telling you how i feel about it

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its so that the book cann relate to children better. If the story was told by an adult, children wouldn't find the book as interseting to read than if it was actually told from the point of view of a child.

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I have just completed this for a 7th grade reading assignment. I found the novel very interesting, and cannot wait to purchase, "Let the Circle be Unbroken," to find out what accusations are brought against T.J. that R.W. and Melvin might have made up.

I personally think that a child narrates this novel to portray the thoughts and ideas that are brought upon children when racism against blacks was very strong. It makes the novel more interesting and enjoyable in Cassie Logan's point of view.

If it were to be told in Mama's point of view for example, you would still know the children's reactions, but not their thoughts. Most adults dealing with segregation and racism living in southern states during that era learned to cope with the unfair treatment.

By knowing Cassie's thoughts, it portrays an image in your mind of how bad they had it, and how the blacks were not just physically hurt, with punishment such as lynching, but mentally as well.

It makes the story more enjoyable and puts more meaning into it rather an adult be narrating it.

I hoped I helped, good luck with your essay! And in my mind, this is not cheating. It is making use of your resources ;)

i like the book roll of thunder hear my cry since i do it at school with my teacher Mrs.Alleyne she teaches me really good and i also have a literature exam tomorrow so i just came out in here n read the summaries instead of reading back the whole back again i really enjoyed this book i hope

basically, when children comes into the picture, we would naturally view them as innocent and unblemished, idealised and carefree. Sensitive and ignorant.

It is therefore apt for the author to use Cassie as a mouth piece. She is a young child who, though young, is already on the recieving end of prejudice. Therefore she matures, and we able to see the prejudices against the blacks that she faces, and we see this ugly truth, slowly unfurling and rearing it's ugly head at us. To put it mildly, Cassie is a blank slate.

Therefore, as this book is targeted at older children kinda thing,seeing things from a child's perspective allows us to see something that we talk for granted, throws into sharp relief the innocence and prejudices of the book, and also lets us trust what ever the author is trying to convey, simply because we would trust a child more.

in the book it is obvious that Cassie has evolved from someone who doesn't really understand what is happening around her to one that is empathetic to the situation, as can be seen from when she cried for both TJ and the land, in both cases, both suffered from something that they were unable to control.

I see startling similiarities between To Kill A Mockingbird and this book, and i prefer the former because it also talks about prejudices in a white society, and alot more. ALL SHOULD GO READ IT IF YOU LIKED ROLL OF THUNDER!

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no, it's to show racism as Cassie experiences it for the first time

cassie has experienced the racism in school before, which is why they have litlle man

but, cassie has never experienced racism outside of school, which is why they had the whole incident in Strawberry

I think its fair because what if your taking a reading counts quiz and you didnt read the book you can get the answers right here. I think this is very useful

Oh by the way the book was very good maybe you should read or reread the book you might find it interresting.


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