Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

describe mr. morrison based on what he says to mrs.logan , what kind of person does he seem to be ?what is the real reason he was fired from his job ?why do you think mr.logan decided to hire him to work at their home?

roll of thunder

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Mr. Morrison

Mr. Morrison is an extremely big and strong older man whom Papa brings home from the railroad. Mr. Morrison got in a fight with some white men and was fired from the railroad. He helps to protect the Logans, watching outside their house at night, and stays on with the family even after he injured the Wallaces when they attacked Papa. His own family was brutally murdered by a lynch mob during Reconstruction and he says that the Logans are like family to him.

In order to provide you with more details, you'll need to be more pecific as to what chapter the question accompanies or conversation this pertains to.