Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Chapter Five

Why was Cassie disappointed in Strawberry?

Why did Big Ma park her wagon away from the entrance?

Why does Mr. Barnett continually ignore T.J., Stacy and Cassie?

Why did Cassie like Mr. Jamison?

Why is Cassie more outraged at Mr. Barnett than the others?

What happens when Big Ma sees Mr. Simms and Lillian Jean giving Cassie a hard time?

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Here is the first one, I'll get to the others soon.

Cassie received several big disappointments when she first visited the town of Strawberry in the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Living in a very rural area, Cassie was expecting great things upon her first visit to Strawberry. But when she first arrived, she found the town nothing special: It's highlights were one paved road and a street light. When her grandmother was forced to locate their goods at the rear of the market, she later found that the choice spots were reserved for white people. After disobeying her grandmother and wandering away to shop, Cassie became angry when the shop owner waited on other white customers instead of her. When she objected, the shop owner called her a "nigger." It was not a happy day for Cassie, but it was a new if disappointing learning experience


2. They were black and could not take those spots.

3. He ignores them because they are black

4. He is the lawyer that actually isn't racist

5.He is an adult and should know better

6. She says sorry and moves on even though Cassie did nothing wrong.