Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Chapter 6 Questions

Chapter 6

Why was Cassie mad at Big Ma?

How does Mama try to calm Cassieʼs outrage? Explain. What does she say about Big Maʼs reasons for her action?

Identify Uncle Hammer.

What explanation did Mama give Cassie for Mr. Simmsʼ actions?

What happens to Staceyʼs new coat? What was Uncle Hammerʼs reaction?

How and why does Uncle Hammer fool the Wallaceʼs?

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I'll do the first few and try to get to the others soon.

1. Cassie is angry that Big Na made her appologize to Miz Lillian Jean.

2.Cassie insists that Big Ma is a grownup like Mr. Simms and should not have had to do that.

3. Their conversation stops short when they spot what appears to be Mr. Granger's Packard in their barn. They run in the house where they see their Uncle Hammer. The car belongs to him. (I'm not sure what you mean by "identify")


cassie is mad at big ma because she made her say sorry to a child named lillean jean.

Mama tries to calm Cassie's outrage by telling her about how big Ma's only intension was to protect her and stuf like that and how she didn't want her to get hurt.

Uncle Hmmer was a tall and handsom man that was two years younger or older than david mama's husband .

mama told casssie that the only reason why he did what he did was because he thinks whites are better than blacks.

Stacey's coat is too small so Uncle Hammer givs him a new one.

He fools the wallaces by his new car that looks like the grangers car


read the booko

I will go with number one cause that is the right answer of all the other answers


Why was Cassie mad at the shop l person?

How has mr.Morrison helped uncle hammer? Which incident from another chapter prepares the reader to believe mr..Morrison is a wise advisor


Why was he trying to help