Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Cassi's words and actions show her to be an independent thinker. what are three incidents in chapter 1 that reveals this?

chapter 1

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Little Man is six years old. It is his first day of school ever, and he walks very slowly and carefully to avoid getting the dust from the road on his shoes or corduroys. Cassie tells him that he will make them late to school, and she drags her feet in the dust until Stacey yells at her to stop because they promised their mother that they would arrive neat and clean.

Cassie remembers Papa telling her that the land is important because as long as she lives she will never have to live on anybody's place but her own.

TJ is angry at Cassie for telling her mother who told his mother about him going up to the Wallace store to dance. He only escaped being whipped by telling his mother that he only went up there to follow Claude, who wanted to buy candy. Cassie knows that Claude was willing to take TJ's punishment because he is more scared of his brother than of his mother.