Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

3. Why does Cassie start acting like a servant for Lillian Jean? Would you do the same thing if you were Cassie? What would you do differently? Explain.

Chapters 7-9

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Lillian Jean is just plain racist and mean to Cassie but Cassie hatches a plan to get even. Cassie pretends to be her slave. After earning Lillian's trust, Cassie lures her into the woods and gives her a beating that Lillian will never forget. Lillian gets the apology she thinks she deserves after the humiliation in Strawberry.

And she apologized. For herself and for her father. For her brothers and her mother. For Strawberry and Mississippi, and by the time I finished jerking at her head, I think she would have apologized for the world being round had I demanded it. Ch 8

I probably would not have done this. There could be major retribution should Lillian tell white adults.