Robinson Crusoe

what are the most remarkable achievements of robinson crusoe?

what do you think were crusoe's most remarkable achievements?by discussing at least three of them in detail in three paragraphs,show what you think defoe is saying about what is important in person's life.

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1) One of Crusoe's most remarkable achievements was to use his resourcefulness in order to not only stay alive but to build a home as well.

2) This same type of resourcefulness and perseverance can be found in Crusoe's success in the domestication of animals. These animals would later provide both food and a source of company.

3) Another of Crusoe's great achievements is more spiritual in nature. We look at his survival in terms of what he was able to build, plan, and excavate. Often, we forget the fact that he had to overcome numerous emotional upheavals, that he had to keep it together and move on, that he could not take the time to feel sorry for himself or ever allow himself to let down his guard.