Robinson Crusoe

Master servant relationship

In Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe" the theme of master servant relationship is clear..After being the master of the whole island,nature & animals Robinson Crusoe was successful to be a master over human beings too..since the first day in which he saw Friday, he decided to make him his slave in order to help him in cultivation and other works he achieves on the island as he already feels that he is like a king or a empror.

A very strong relation linked between both of Robinson Crusoe and's the relation of love and mutualism as friday shared Crusoe in all the works and activities on the island.

There is also a very important relation that links the two men; it is the spiritual or the relegious relationship; it was Crusoe that teached Friday the rituals of the Christian doctrine, he was able to change him from cannibalism to a real Christian man who believes in God.

Master servant relationship in "Robinson Crusoe" can also be seen as a relation of capitalism as they divided labour among them with equal shares.

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that is very good ..go on guys

u have many mistakes; spelling & grammar.

agreed they divided the work.. but all of it was thought by robinson crusoe.. hence it remains a relation of a master n slave only..