Robinson Crusoe

How is Crusoe clothes suited well for this environment?


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Crusoe's only need was to be covered from the sun. It was blazing hot, but he needed a covering and a hat in order to bear it.

"The reason why I could not go quite naked was, I could not bear the heat of

the sun so well when quite naked as with some clothes on; nay, the very

heat frequently blistered my skin; whereas, with a shirt on, the air itself

made some motion, and whistling under that shirt, was twofold cooler than

without it. No more could I ever bring myself to go out in the heat of the

sun without a cap or a hat. The heat of the sun beating with such violence,

as it does in that place, would give me the headache presently, by darting so

directly on my head, without a cap or hat on, so that I could not bear it;

whereas, if I put on my hat, it would presently go away."


Robinson Crusoe