Robert Browning: Poems

How are common people evaluated by Grammarian in A Grammarian's Funarel, Discuss?

Briefly discuss about Grammarian

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The grammarian decided he needed to understand life before he lived it and so he locked himself away, from common people devoted, solely to the study of his grammar as the days passed and he fell into ill health. His disciples, of which the speaker seems to be the leader, apparently applaud the choice as noble. The fact that they are burying him far away from everyday life, from the common people, suggests that the grammarian has made a noble choice and hence deserves to be buried apart from and above normal men; yet all the while the reader is left to wonder whether such a life truly could bring happiness to the grammarian.



"the multitude below/ Live, for they can, there:" - In many ways the Grammarian is on a higher plane than the common people (the multitude below) and in the end the Grammarian is far above this multitude which lives below "for they can."

"The Grammarian"