Robert Browning: Poems

Browning's philosophy about the success and failure of life

Robert Browning thinks that if someone works with his whole heart, he must be successful. But sometimes success takes come in coming. If an effort is not crowned with success in this world, it is bound to be rewarded by God in the next world. Browning's concept of success and failure connects the life with the next life. He is optimistic and has deep faith in the judgement of God. He thinks that one should work heartily not caring about the success. Success will come automatically and God will take care of it. We also should keep in mind the little succes comes sooner but the ultimate success is reserved for the eternal life in heaven. So Browning says -'... Ah! but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for ?'

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Poets like Browning represent a sort of intervention or interruption of the market cycle in which they find themselves. In a world that is defined by mammon's "instant" success, people like him do their best to see past the nihilistic undertones of such a perspective.