Rifles for Watie

A great detailed paragraph of chapters 20-23

What is clardys part in these chapters

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I waited to see if anyone else would pop up to answer this for you, as I'm not familiar with this novel. Gradesaver doesn't have a study guide available, and the information I was able to find was not extensive. Bookrags does have a unit guide, but it is a "paid" guide. Sorry I couldn'r have been of more help, I'm going to have to order this for myself and read it before thye school year starts.

"Jeff's commanding officer in the Union Army, and a major antagonist against Jeff. He is the one smuggling the Spencer Rifles to the Rebels."



Chapter 20-

Jeff was sick for 2 weeks while Hannah a Negro slave of the Jackman's took care of him. He had been sick with Malaria. The family was moving and they took Jeff with him because he was too sick to escape. Then the Pins, Indians loyal to the union, robbed the Jackmans of everything they had. They took all their horses which was bad because they couldn't travel without horses. They solved the problem by using the animals the Pins left behind because they were too old. Sophie, one of the daughters, received news that her husband had died in the Battle of Perryville.

Mr. Jackman came and told Jeff that the rebels were getting repeating rifles.

Chapter 21-

Jeff rejoined the Watie brigade because he was better. Jeff got a new horse from heifer named Flea Bite. Everyone was happy to have him back. They traveled to Boggy Depot, the rebel capital. There he met colonel Watie. Watie was old looking and Jeff didn't realize who he was when he first saw him. Boudinot whom Jeff was escorting was Watie's nephew.

Jeff eavesdropped on their conversation and found out that they bought gold and were going to buy repeating rifles with it. They were smuggling them from St. Louis.

A union officer was selling the guns to them. They already had 12 and were going to but 200 more.

Jeff began to like the Watie men. They started traveling toward Fort Gibson.

Chapter 22-

A union ship came. It was pheasant bluff. Jeff fought his first battle with the rebels as something other than a horse holder. Heifer joined him just to watch over him. They won and went aboard the ship and took all the stuff it was carrying to the union.

Later, Jeff found out that the man who was selling the repeating rifles to the rebels was none other than Asa Clardy. He sold 200 to them and was going to come back with more. Jeff was getting ready to leave and make his way to Fort Gibson.

Chapter 23-

Jeff saw Lucy. Lucy began hugging and kissing him. She thought that Jeff had switched to the confederate side. He told her the truth. They said that after the war was over they were going to get married. Lucy promised she would wait for him. He was just about to leave when he ran into Clardy. He started running because he knew that Clardy would tell Watie all about Jeff.