Riders to the Sea

How does maurya react to the news of Bartley's death?

explain this seemingly calm reaction

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Maurya's life is one constant reaction to the death of the men in her life. When Bartley's death is finally reported, she is not surprised. She has refused to bless him before he left; that refusal sets up his inevitable death in the same way her other sons have died. She lives a woman's life very different from the life of the men whose life (and death) are focused around the tragedies of the sea.

Maurya the widow and the mother of 6 sons, is the ironic cherecter of the play. Where we find her lyind down and weeping for her elder son Macheal's death. She was the tragic foreknowledge of most aged Aran mothers. It is this tragic wisdom that makes her cry out over her son's inevitable destiny during the departure.Through out the play we see Maurya's inner conflict trying to dissuade her last son from going to sea but in vain. At the news of her son Bartley's death has broked the backbone of the family and her faith in god. She says and reactes with these words " I will have great rest now ' suggesting an end beacuse there is no one in the family for that she tens now.