Is justice served?

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Yes. Justice is served. Max is exonerated of any wrongdoing as he became a victim of Rebecca's selfishness. Mrs. Danvers causes her own demise due to her wickedness. The narrator lives happily ever-after after surviving trying times and being an innocent over the course of the novel.

Yes, it is. Our nameless Mrs. de Winter ends the novel an independent, self confidant woman who has found herself through a series of what I would consider horrific living condition. Her journey to Manderley finds its beginning focused on her own very distinct and real insecurities as a person in direct conflict with a woman she's never known. As the story of Rebecca unfolds, she has the choice to either grow as a person both inwardly and outwardly or give up. She never gives up. Regardless of the actions of others and their purposeful attempts to destroy her, she carries on and succeeds. Yes, justice is served.