How does maxim feel driving home to manderley after such a long time ??

Please explain

-and also comment on how maxims new wife disappointed expectations of manderley ?

- what are maxims thoughts on adjusting at manderley over the next few days with his new wife ?

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There isn't much on what Maxim thinks. He seems quite comfortable retiring "home", eager to show off his new wife. It was his idea after all to return.

It's just that I need to write a journal from maxims perspective and I need as much ideas as possible

I think you will have to interoperate into this guys perspective. Maxim is a rich male and, especially during this time, thinks he can pretty much get away with anything (as you will see later.) Maxim would be self assured, even cocky about most facets of his life. The narrator is his latest "pet" or trophy wife to bring home. I don't think Maxim pays an awful lot of attention to his wife when they get home.

What are some of his feelings ??