Explain why maxim doesnt want jack favell at manderly

Chapter 4 till 6

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Maxim doesn't want Jack at Manderley because he's questioning the result of the inquisition into Rebecca's death.

'Look here, Colonel Julyan,' he said, 'there's no sense in beating about the bush. The reason why I'm here is that I'm not satisfied
with the verdict given at the inquest this afternoon.'



The main reason why Maxim does not want even to know Favell has been at Manderley is because, as we learn later in the plot, Rebecca was unfaithful to her marriage. Several of the male characters, it would seem, have enjoyed the company of Rebecca; Gyles, Favell, even Frank Crawley was tempted to spend the evening with the mistress of Manderley. But it is apparent that Favell was a regular acquaintance of Rebecca and Maxim reveals that Rebecca had told him she was pregnant with the child of another man, probably Favell, and this causes Maxim to shoot his wife in a fit of rage, then hide her body on her boat and sink it.

I remember when studying the 'Power and Conflict' poetry anthology, there was one poem called 'My Last Duchess' in which it is hinted that a duke has ordered for his previous wife to be killed because he believes she was flirting with other men. The duke is controlling in his monologue and has a curtained painting of his last duchess, a curtain which only he can lift if he wants to. The duke explains that he is satisfied with the prospect of being able to completely control his wife and who is able to see her, which would have been a common place idea in the context of when this poem was written. I can see parallels between Maxim and this Duke, both are angered when they learn that their wives have cheated on them, for lack of a better phrase, and take violent, murderous actions to end it.

So the main reason why Favell hates Maxim is because he believes that Favell was the cause of the adultery that ended his first marriage, and Maxim wants to protect his current wife from Favell in case the same thing happens again. Remember, Rebecca’s death was less than a year before the events of the story, and Favell s not likely to have changed much in the span of one year.