Chapters 18–19.What is the weather like? What mood does it establish?

also please help me with the following :

2.How does the weather mirror the narrator’s psychological state?

3.What shocking discovery is made at the close of this section?

4.If you were the narrator, how would you feel and what would you do with this information?

there all in 18 -19 PLEASE HELP ME !!!! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!

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damp and foggy. The mood is somewhat ominous. In gothic fiction, weather tends to mirror the psychological state of the characters. The fog that rolls over Manderley the morning after the party is symbolic of the fog that lies heavily over the heroine's mind; she seems dazed, wandering uncertainly through the house and grounds, and telephoning Frank in a desperate state. The divers have found the wreckage of another boat at the bottom of the cove--the same boat that Rebecca took out on the night she died. And there is a body in the cabin. I'd feel pretty damn creeped out and a little scared of my new husband!