How does the missionary treat Sadie?

Question from Rain by Somerset Maugham
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Davidson, the missionary, makes Sadie his own personal responsibility and is determined to convert her to Christianity and save her soul. Davidson forced to spend her days in prayer.... he desired her conversion, as well as her deportation and subsequent imprisonment. Sadie was terrified and exhausted. Davidson's conversion was a form of emotional torture.

She was like a victim that was being prepared for the savage rites of a bloody idolatry. Her terror numbed her. She could not bear to let Davidson out of her sight; it was only when he was with her that she had courage, and she hung upon him with a slavish dependence. She cried a great deal, and she read the Bible, and prayed. Sometimes she was exhausted and apathetic. Then she did indeed look forward to her ordeal, for it seemed to offer an escape, direct and concrete, from the anguish she was enduring. She could not bear much longer the vague terrors which now assailed her.