What does the following quote mean (explain and analyse )?

HIGGINS [a genial afterthought occurring to him] I daresay my mother could find some chap or other who would do very well—
LIZA. We were above that at the corner of Tottenham Court Road.
HIGGINS [waking up] What do you mean?
LIZA. I sold flowers. I didn't sell myself. Now you've made a lady of me I'm not fit to sell anything else. I wish you'd left me where you found me. (4.63-66)

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Liza does not know her identity anymore. Higgins's social experiment has changed her. She cannot go back to who she used to be. Although she had lived a poor existence, she knew who she was. Although Liza is poised and "propper",she no longer knows what she wants or who she is supposed to be.