The moonstone

1 Godfrey ablewhite took the diamond to London to a. Pay off his debts b. have it made into an engagement ring c. Return it to the Indians d. Throw it into the river of thames

2 the moonstone is considered the first English a. Sensational novel b. detective novel c. Gothic novel d. Romance novel

3 Penelope thinks that Godfrey ablewhite is a. Gifted b. the most accomplished philanthropist c. Nasty and slick d. Wonderful and dreamy

4 Gabriel betterredges use of the novel robinson cursor parallels miss clicks use of a. Religious tracts b. newspapers c. Her diary d. The moonstone

5 when sergeant cuff talks out his ideas mr betteredge he is treating betteredge as a a. Servant b. confidant c. Suspect d. Protagonist

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1) pay off his debts


the moonstone

2) B

5) confidant, the sergeant has befriended Betteredge

4) religious tracts