The moonstone

Questions from the moonstone

1who solved the crime? A. Blake b. Jennings c. Rachel d. Cuff

2 as readers we know that Rosanna loves mr Blake but he is unaware of her love this is called a.narration b. dramatic irony c. Interference d. Predicting

3 when Blake finds his own name in the paint stained nightgown he is a. Amused b. afraid c. Stunned d. Outraged

4 the literay term for the final unraveling of a plot is called a. Exposition b. prologue c. Denouement d. Climax

5 a literary device where something suggest more than its literal meaning is called a. A literary symbol b epilogue c. Interference d. Exposition

6 melodrama is a. Straightforward b. logical c. Comedic d. Emotional

7 the underlying abstract idea or concept in a literary work is called the a. Theme b. plot c. Reenactment d. Foreshadowing

8 the use of one object to represent another object or an abstract idea is called a. Foreshadowing b. symbolism c. Dramatic irony d. Confidant

9 a story told within another story is called a. A frame story b. a prologue c. An epilogue d. All of these

10 irony that occurs when the readers are aware of information that characters are not aware of is a. Situational b. hyperbolic c. Dramatic d. Verbal

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10) C

In dramatic irony, the author, narrator or playwright reveals to the reader or audience information about a character’s situation of which the character is not aware.

9) Frame story

8) B

2. B

5. A

6. D

7. A

8. B