In the scene where Eliza returns home and puts herself to bed, description is lengthier than dialogue. give more than one reason for this stylistic choice.

please explain your answer

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Act and Scene please?

act 1 (at the very end before act 2) and scene i'm not sure but this is what it says " Here Eliza, chronically weary, but too excited to go to bed, sits, counting her new riches and dreaming and planning what to do with them, until the gas goes out, when she enjoys for the first time the sensation of being able to put in another penny without grudging it. This prodigal mood does not extinguish her gnawing sense of the need for economy sufficiently tp prevent her from calculating that she can dream and plan in bed more cheaply and warmly than sitting up without a fire. so she takes off her shawl and shirt and adds them to the miscellaneous bedclothes. then she kicks off her shoes and gets into bed without any further change.