Higgins tries to quiet Eliza by using a number of strategies commonly employed by men in managing women. What are they ?

act 4

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Higgins begins by ignoring Eliza;

Eliza tries to control herself and feel indifferent as she rises and walks across to the hearth to switch off the lights. By the time she gets there she is on the point of screaming. She sits down in Higgins's chair and holds on hard to the arms. Finally she gives way and flings herself furiously on the floor raging.

HIGGINS [in despairing wrath outside] What the devil have I done with my slippers? [He appears at the door].

Henry baits her..... does he really think that baiting her will shut her up?

HIGGINS. You won my bet! You! Presumptuous insect! I won it. What did you throw those slippers at me for?

Henry offers her a drink;

HIGGINS. I am glad to hear it. [He moderates his tone]. Perhaps youre tired after the strain of the day. Will you have a glass of champagne? [He moves towards the door].

Henry also indulges himself in a bit of patrionization;

HIGGINS [good-humored again] This has been coming on you for some days. I suppose it was natural for you to be anxious about the garden party. But thats all over now. [He pats her kindly on the shoulder. She writhes]. Theres nothing more to worry about.