HELP!! IT'S URGENT !! Find three or more significant quotations from each act in Pygmalion and then write the quotations down. After each quotation, analyse in a short paragraph why you found the quotation significant.

For each paragraph comment on:

- patterns you see developing

-symbolism/irony or literary techniques

-themes you see evolving

-social or historical commentary you see being made

-connections you believe tie the play to modern socity.


1. Topic sentence- Introduce the quote and what your paragraph will explore.

2. Explain context- Where is the quote from, what is happening in the plot at the time, which characters are involved and how they are feeling/acting etc.

3. Analysis- Focus on a specific element and deconstruct (use the above dot points to guide you)

4. Extension- Focus/ zoom in on another element from the quote and explain.


QUOtE1: "the Bystander. It's aw rawt: e's gentleman: look at his b-oots.[explaining to the note taker] She thought you was a copper's nark, sir." (pg. 21)

there are several elements to this quote that already reveal a great deal about how Victorian socitey thinks and acts. At this point in the play, Eliza is considerably distressed at the idea that the note-taker (Higgins) is after her and wants to get her into trouble, however a bystander attempts to set her mind at ease by assuring her that he is a gentleman. However, this belief relies on a single observation regarding his 'boots' which are likely polished and expensive in appearance. This suggests that appearance and finery are the first mark of the upper class and also further implies that he couldn't possibly mean her harm, simply because respectability and decency are supposed inherent traits of the upper class. However, the fact is that they bystander has made this judgment based solely on an item of clothing and in fact knows nothing about Higgini's intentions or motivations.Further more, the quote also demonstrates the contrast between the use of language between the classes, as the bystander is not speaking gentleman's english but rather cckney slang, saying 'aw rawt' instead of ' alrigt' and using slang or street words when reffering to a 'copper's nark'. Because of this, judements can already be made about his background and position in society, as he is likely to belong to a lower class and uneducated sect of society.

It will be very much appreciated in doing all of these paragraphs for each act, if the first act was done ASAP and then the following acts, one each day or second day will be fine. :)

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I'm sorry, this question is far too involved for a short-answer forum. You might want to google "quotes" for Pygmalion.