comparison between character's of Freedy and Higgens?? and the middle class morality??

 give detail character comparison of Freedy and Higgens in noval pygmalion and also show the middle class morality in noval.....

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Middle class morality is best defined by Liza's father who points out that he needs just enough to get by in life and does not, for example, want to marry the woman he is presently involved with because then she might expect him to behave more "respectable."  He notes that Higgins should not give him a large sum of money because he would not have the heart to "enjoy" it.  By the end of the play, he does, have a great deal of money from the American - Ezra P. Wallingford - and so he does plan on getting married.


Freddy, on the other hand, tries to live by a certain set of "proper standards," but his family seems to have little money - if they ever had a fortune - but Liza says she is willing to support him because in his station he would not know how to work.  She, on the other hand, does know how to earn a living, regardless of the training she now has gained into being a lady.