Compare Alfred doolittles views on the middle class with Eliza's

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Alfred Doolittle is very content in the lower class. He gives his speech on "middle class morality" and how he enjoys being in the lower class. He doesn't want to take too much money from Higgins, because with a certain amount of money comes responsibility. He wants the money and not the responsibility. After he inherits money, he is upset because now he has to be respectable and marry Eliza's mother.

Eliza, on the other hand, knows that in order to get a respectable job she needs to be able to speak better and interact with others more sociably. She wants to raise her station, to have nice things, and to be able to take control of her life more. She is tired of having to rely on the charity of others and wants to establish herself has a lady. For this reason, she turns to Higgins to learn to speak better, with the goal of getting a job in a flower shop and raising her station in society.