Act 5 questions

- At the beginning of this act, How does Shaw let us know where Eliza is?

- How has Doolittle been transformed? Why is he miserable with his new station in life?

- Higgins is "thunderstuck " at the idea of Eliza's marrying Freddy? How do you feel about this idea?

- Shaw reveals through certain stage directions of how vulnerable Higgins is when he and Eliza is finally alone. Cite 2 examples.

- Explain Higgins theory. What do you make of his theory?

- What are Higgins and Eliza really arguing about?

- According to Eliza, what really turned her into a lady?

- How does Higgins flatter Eliza in act 5?

- Are you convinced by Eliza's transformation from someone who wants to be cared about to someone who is independent?explain

- Do you see any evidence that Higgins has also changed? explain

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Mrs. Higgins is in her drawing room when her parlor-maid enters and informs her that Pickering and Higgins are downstairs calling the police. Mrs. Higgins sends the parlor-maid upstairs to inform Eliza that the men are here and that she should not come until she is called. Shaw informs us of Eliza's location through Mrs. Higgins' dialogue.

Please list your questions separately.



in the stage directions we are told that the opening scene they are in Mrs.Higgins' drawing room :)