1. Even though Pickering and Higgins both agree it is going to be a "stiff job" with Eliza, what signs does she show that she might not be as difficult as they believe she is?

2. While Higgins is working on Eliza's pronunciation and grammar and Mrs. Pearce os improving her appearance and manners, what is Pickering working on?

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Eliza wants to improve herself, self-improvement is her main goal in the play. She is extremely difficult in the beginning of the play, during which she spends an inordinate amount of time howling and wailing. When we meet Eliza's father, we get a much better idea of why she is the way she is.......

None-the-less, we see Eliza mature throughout the play and watch her grow as a person. She wants to better herself, thus she begins to cooperate with the men and Mrs. Pearce in order to achieve her goal for herself.

Pickering is a linguist. He is teaching Eliza to speak like a duchess.



^but isnt Higgins doing that?

Higgins teach phonetics...... Pickering is a linguist (form and meaning).