Purple Hibiscus

Why is the title of chapter 14, called the way it is.

it's called The 3 peices of gods, After Palm Sunday. What is the signifance though?

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This is an involved question. When the family finds out that Father Amadi is assigned to Germany, Obiora and Amaka engage him in a discussion about colonialism. They suggest that since the white men brought their white man to Africa, perhaps Father Amadi should “repackage” his God for Europe’s consumption. Obiora is suggesting Father Amadi disseminate a black image of God. In the final chapter of the book, Amaka tells Kambili that academics dispute the apparition in Aokpe because God wouldn’t come to Africa. Aunty Ifeoma’s children are challenging the dominant Western belief system. Father Amadi jokes that there are no indigenous cultures in Europe that need to be pacified. Religion was a tool used by imperialists to more easily colonize Africa. Missionaries taught Africans about their view of sin and morality in order to keep them in line. Eroding the indigenous culture is the first step towards assimilation. As a traditionalist, Papa-Nnukwu sought to preserve his own culture. His bond with Amaka makes her question her own faith. The difficulty in choosing a confirmation name is indicative of her challenge to colonialism. You can check more out below: