Purple Hibiscus

What is hypocrisy in relation to the book

What is hypocrisy

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The biggest instance of hypocrisy with the novel has to do with the religious hypocrisy of some of its characters........ were you looking for specific examples?

The hypocrisy that popped up in my head immediately was Eugene's 'love'

There are dozens of people who actually and stupidly believe that what Eugene did to kambili was a love. Even my teacher taught us this as a love. This is a nonsense. Absolutely utterly stupid and disgraceful mistake for anyone who thinks this is as a love. Controlling someone like a puppet is not a love. Wake up people.

Kambili refers his behaviour(Drinking a tea ans so on) as a love but it's because she has been brought up to believe it as a love by Eugene. She was not given right to speak any her opinion in front of him and while kambili was away from Eugene, she was finally given the first time to speak out her opinion. Though she didn't say much and didn't say her opinion from the start. But her confusion is evident when she tries to make a comment of what she actually wanted to do about Eugene's call. 12 lines up from the bottom on the page 268. Kambili has a mixed feeling of want to talk to Eugene and doesn't want to talk to Eugene. Read it for yourself. Everybody should notice this paragraph. From this we can deduce that the bahaviour Kambili has been regarded as a love is not a love and Eugene also didn't love Kambili at all. Eugene is a violent control freak who constantly beat their children until they were hospitalized. The tea drinking things are kind of Eugene's reward to Kambili for being a nice, obedience, well trained, puppet.