Purple Hibiscus

What are some scenes that you really liked or really didn't like? Please explain your answer

Thank you :D

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The scene I found disturbing was right at the beginning of the story. Because Jaja has no reasonable excuse for missing church, Papa throws his missal at his son. The book hits a shelf containing his wife’s beloved figurines. This defiant act and resulting violence marks the beginning of the end of the Achike family.

The novel ends on a hopeful note which is one of the few pleasant things that happens in this book. With the leadership in Nigeria now changing again, their lawyers are confident that Jaja will be released. Though Jaja has learned to not expect a favorable outcome, Kambili is overjoyed. She dreams that she will take Jaja to America to visit Aunty Ifeoma, together they will plant orange trees in Abba, and purple hibiscuses will bloom again.



I really like it when papa beats mama so she has a miscarriage..hahaha LOL... #Miss Fat Wild #RHS