Purple Hibiscus

themes of purple hibiscus

the themes of the whole novel

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Many strong themes emerge from a reading of Purple Hibiscus. These include:

The dangers inherent in religious zeal

Money and social position do not equal happiness

Corruption in a society struggling for political stability

The difficulties of everyday life in a country that is politically unstable

Personal sacrifice and its various manifestations

Traditional indigenous belief in relation to contemporary Western belief

Youthful love, in particular Kambili’s feelings for Father Amadi

The relationship of the natural world (e.g. fauna and flora, climate and geography) to everyday life

The consequences of silence (e.g. not communicating within a family, not speaking up about societal ills)

The profound effects of various forms of violence

The difficulties of adolescence.

All these themes are worthy of extended discussion.


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quite a number of themes are exposed in the novel and these include freedom, identity crisis, corruption, political instability, religion, abuse and oppression

Many thematic issues emanated from the reading of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus.

Themes like patriarchy, love,various forms of freedom such as freedom from patriarchy, freedom from child abuse, bad governance, sacrifice, religion, women as resistance to patriarchy, violence and mental liberation are revealed in the story.

lots of themes.

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