Purple Hibiscus

how is king jaja of opobo related to jaja in purple hibicus

in purple hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Obiora asks Jaja where his name comes from, as it is not Igbo. Jaja explains that his real name is Chukwuka. Aunty Ifeoma chimes in, telling Obiora “Ja-Ja” was the only thing he could say as a baby, so the nickname stuck. She likens him to Jaja of Opobo, who Obiora identifies as the stubborn king. Aunty Ifeoma corrects him, telling the story of the defiant king of the Opobo people who did not sell his soul to the British when Nigeria was colonized. Obiora shrugs, saying the British took over anyway. Jaja answers back, to the surprise of his sister. The British may have won the war, but they lost many battles.



Jaja of opobo was murdered by those cruel british guys. They know that if jaja is still alive, they would never win the battle. He was poisoned with a cup of tea.



They are both black #miss fat wild