Purple Hibiscus

compare and contrast Eugene and Aunty Ifeoma

Differences and similarities between them

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Eugene is a newspaper man, very successful, very wealthy. He spends a lot of his time using his experience to unveil and truthfully tell the story of what is happening in Nigeria. He is also religious to the point of fanaticism. From his work and charitable donations to the needy, no one would ever know the abuse he inflicts upon his family at home.

In contrast, Eugene’s sister, Aunty Ifeoma, is a well educated, independent woman. She works as a professor at the university and raises her children alone (she's a widow). Aunty Ifeoma's number one priority is motherhood, and she extends those motherly feelings to her niece and nephew (and even her sister-in-law) in her attempt to save them from the abuse they experience at the hands of her brother.


Purple Hibiscus