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Can anyone tell that I'm NOT the ONLY KID who actually INJURES HIMSELF WHILE PLAYING BASEBALL?

Don't tell you haven't gotten any injuries in baseball, (that is if you play).

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Um, yes...I slammed into center field while catching a high fly ball, and I went down as soon as I met with the wall. I had the ball in my mitt still which is good because that was the bottom of the ninth inning. Anyways, yes...I had to leave the game...(of course because the game was already over, we won 30-8). But um, well...we had two more outs to play so we stopped the game and I was on the ground rolling around clutching my right wrist. (If that's what you're looking for Ryan.) The coaches came around and some players asked me if I was OK, but of course I wasn't OK because I was apparently injured. They put me on the cart, (you know the ones where its like a car)and I was laying down on the back with one of my coaches. Assistant coach I mean. My mother wasn't there, nor my dad, cause he doesn't care about his own son, which is disappointing to me. I recovered 3 months later, all better, and in good fit. They let me play as soon as I was out of the hospital just to test my wrist and reflexes and whatnot. So, yes, you're not the only kid who gets injured while playing baseball.