Pudd'nhead Wilson

What might the opening quote imply about the mysterious women Wilson sees in "tom's" bedroom window?

chapter 7

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That night, while awaiting the twins' arrival, Wilson puzzles over something he had noticed that morning. He had been up at dawn and had seen "a young woman where properly no young woman belonged." It was in Judge Driscoll's house, in the room belonging to young Tom. Tom, the Judge, the Judge's widowed sister Mrs. Pratt, and three slaves were the only ones who were supposed to be in the house. It was a mystery who this girl with a summer dress and pink-veiled bonnet (who Wilson had seen practicing a few dance steps) could be. Toward noon, Wilson had stopped off to see if Mrs. Pratt could throw any light on the mysterious girl's identity. There is speculation that Tom could have a girl in his life.