Pudd'nhead Wilson

law practice

Why does wilsons law practice languish?

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David "Pudd'nhead" Wilson is a young man from New York, who has wandered to Dawson's Landing to seek his fortune. He is a college graduate and completed a law course a couple of years prior. He earns his nickname (and dooms his future law practice) from a remark he makes shortly after arriving in the town. Hearing a dog barking and yelping, he comments that he wishes he owned half of the dog. When asked why he desired this, he replies that he would kill his half. This remark struck the townspeople as completely moronic - if Wilson killed half of the dog, surely the other half would expire as well. Thus, if he is going to kill the entire dog, why only wish for half? The town was convinced that Wilson was a fool, and from that day forward he was stuck with the nickname "Pudd'nhead." Though he would eventually come to be well liked, the nickname would remain.