Pudd'nhead Wilson

Describe Wilson's "whimsical almanac." Explain the reasons for the townspeople's reaction to the almanac.

chapter 5

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From the text,

"For some years Wilson had been privately at work on a whimsical almanac, for 

his amusement -- a calendar, with a little dab of ostensible philosophy, usually in ironical form, appended to each date; and the judge thought that these quips and fancies of Wilson's were neatly turned and cute; so he carried a handful of them around one day, and read them to some of the chief citizens. But irony was not for those people; their mental vision was not focused for it. They read those playful trifles in the solidest terms, and decided without hesitancy that if there had ever been any doubt that Dave Wilson was a pudd'nhead -- which there hadn't -- this revelation removed that doubt for good and all. "