Pudd'nhead Wilson

compare the description of Dawson's landing in chapter 1 to the description in chapter 15. how has it changed?

The tragedy of pudd'nhead Wilson. Chapter 13-15.

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In Chapter 1 Dawson's Landing is a new frontier town. It is a young town - only fifty years old - but it is growing. A rich, slave-worked backcountry of grain and pork provide the sleepy town with its economic sustenance. By chapter 15 there are many more people in the town. It has its own characters and identity. It is no longer a dormant frontier town, it is full of life and excitement. Check out this quote from Ch. 15,

"What a time of it Dawson's Landing was having! All its life it had been asleep, but now it hardly got a chance for a nod, so swiftly did big events and crashing surprises come along in one another's wake: Friday morning, first glimpse of Real Nobility, also grand reception at Aunt Patsy Cooper's, also great robber raid; Friday evening, dramatic kicking of the heir of the chief citizen in presence of four hundred people...."