Pudd'nhead Wilson

Chapter 11

What happens when Wilson reads Luigi's palm?

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When Wilson reads the lines on Luigi's palm, he finds that Luigi once killed someone; a fact to which Luigi readily concedes. Tom cannot believe his ears, and exclaims that "a man's own hand is his deadliest enemy." The twins explain that Luigi had once been given an unusually shaped knife with a bejeweled sheath as a gift from an Indian prince. Hoping to steal the valuable weapon, a thief had snuck into the twins' room. Though Angelo was asleep, Luigi was awake (with the knife under his pillow) and saw the intruder. As the burglar is about to kill his brother, Luigi slays him with the knife. This story proves quite informative for Tom, who had stolen this very knife from the Cooper home during the reception. He had assumed the jewels were glass, and prior to hearing this tale would have pawned the knife off for a far cheaper price.