Pride and Prejudice

Why is Pride and Prejudice sometimes described as a soap opera?

In one of the websites I encountered, Pride and Prejudice was described as a "soap opera." What did they mean by that? What are the some similarities and differences between a soap opera and the book? Can you give some examples please?

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This story is very much a soap opera. I’ve never actually read a historical romance that isn’t JAFF, to be honest I’d much rather have people over for drinking games than read that type of thing. Come to think of it, I’d rather have people over for drinking games than do most things. However I’m now going to attempt to stick to writing this review. The basis of this story is that Darcy compromises Elizabeth at Hunsford and so they are forced to marry, Elizabeth still unaware of Wickham’s true character, Darcy unchanged and so on. Elizabeth is desperately unhappy and tried to please Darcy by not arguing with him etc, and so seems much unlike herself. This story has the common JAFF conflation of Regency and Victorian mores. As I said before so many times, the plot is soap operish, after the forced marriage and Elizabeth’s initial unhappiness with her situation, she and Darcy have an argument and she tells him what she really thinks of him. They very little contact until Darcy has a clichéd bad fall from his horse and of course, he almost dies. Elizabeth nurses him back to health and during that time realizes she loves him, however under the effects of that evil laudanum he orders her from his bedchamber and she becomes extremely depressed and even considers suicide until her maid tells her she’s pregnant and forces her to eat. Check out the rest below: