Pride and Prejudice

Why does everyone adopt a lower opinion of darcey?

All the charcters in the book critse her why is this

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First, Darcy is one of the male characters in the novel. He comes from one of England's most wealthy aristocratic families. As the only son and heir to a huge fortune and a magnificent estate at Pemberley, he is selfish and arrogant. He is also unprepared for the destiny his birth right has afforded him.

The rest of the novel's characters are initially in awe of the handsome, upper class Darcy, and yet, he is truly a generous and good friend. When he first begins to woo Eliza she is taken back by his good looks and social position, but it isn't long before she through him and spurns his advances and his proposal. She is appalled by his bad manners and haughty behavior, but Darcy doesn't understand why. He values good character in other people, but it seems he cannot understand what is lacking in his own. He's attracted to Eliza because of her own goodness and honesty.......... but she sees him as the exact opposite of the things he values.


Pride and Prejudice