Pride and Prejudice

why did Jane have to ride a horse?


I have a question (may be I posted it at a wrong place earlier). In chapter 7, Jane goes to Bingley's house on horseback, because the the horses were engaged in the farm, and she couldn't avail the carriage.

Later, Elizabeth walks there to meet her "as she was no horsewoman, walking was her only alternative." This means, at this point, there was at least one horse for her to avail. Therefore, when Jane had gone, there were at least two of them. Why could she not avail the carriage?

Am I missing something?



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Dude, Mrs Bennet makes Jane ride because rain was coming, and so she would be forced to spend the night, and so more time with Mr Bingley. Elizabeth is no horsewoman, she doesnt ride the horse, she also prefers walks. In my opinion she did it so that she wouldnt really be fit to be seen, to rebel a bit against the mother and slightly provoke the Bingley sisters.


i could agree with Filip s. It was only due to Mrs. Bennet's urging that Jane went on horse back. In my opinion, Mrs. Bennet didn't let Jane know that there were two horses. If she had, then Jane would have been adamant on going with the carriage and thus wouldn't stay for the night at the Bingley's. So JAne went on horseback.

i agree with filip too .. the answer is 100% right