Pride and Prejudice

When Wickham and Elizabeth first meet, what report does wickham give elizbeth about Dorcy ?

What does he give her and tells her about dorcy ?

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Elizabeth forms a very favorable impression of Mr. Wickham, and converses with him at length during the evening. Elizabeth is curious to find out about the obvious animosity which exists between him and Darcy. Wickham brings up the subject by inquiring how long Darcy has been in the area. Elizabeth expressed her dislike of Darcy to Wickham, and Wickham mentions that he and Darcy have been intimately acquainted since childhood. After feigning to avoid the subject, Wickham divulges to Elizabeth that Darcy's father was his godfather and had promised to provide an ample living for him, but after his death Darcy had circumvented his father's promise and had given the living to someone else because of his dislike for Wickham. Elizabeth is outraged and suggests that Darcy ought to be publicly dishonored for his actions, but Wickham refuses to do so ought of respect for Darcy's father. Wickham attributes Darcy's dislike of him to jealousy. Elizabeth and Wickham also speak of Darcy's pride, which Wickham believes is the source of all his generosity in the use of his money and excellent care for his sister. Wickham alludes to a previously close but now very cold relationship with Darcy's sister.

Wickham also mentions to Elizabeth that Lady Catherine de Bourgh is Mr. Darcy's aunt, and that Mr. Darcy is expected to marry Miss de Bourgh in order to unite the fortunes of the two families.