Pride and Prejudice

What happened between Mr Collins (deceased) and Mr Bennet?

mr collins (the deceased's son) wrote a letter to mr bennet apologizing for his father. what was he apologizing for?

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The disagreement between Mr. Bennet and Mr. Collins (deceased) is not detailed in the letter Mr. Bennet receives. What we do learn from Collins' letter is that his father and Mr. Bennet had a disagreement about the "entail" or inheritance of the estate, which would be passed down to the nearest male heir in the family (Collins) rather than Bennet's girls. From this, we can infer that the elder Collins could have ammended the entailment to take care of Bennet's family, something that was not dictated in the rules of entalment.

"About a month ago I received this letter; and about a fortnight ago I answered it, for I thought it a case of some delicacy, and requiring early attention. It is from my cousin, Mr. Collins, who, when I am dead, may turn you all out of this house as soon as he pleases."


Pride and Prejudice