Pride and Prejudice

what did mrcollins trying to get married?

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Why does Mr Collins want to marry? Basically, becausee ti's the thing to do...... he wants a home, and he wants someone to take care of his home. Who that is doesn't matter so much as how well she does it.

"His proposal to Lizzie tells us that he lives in a society in which money is very important, and as he tells Lizzie, because of her lack of money she may not get another offer of marriage despite her beauty and charm.

Mr Collins himself is silly and pompous and self-satisfied, but he is not vain. He expects Lizzie to accept him not because he thinks himself very desirable, but because he thinks she will be glad to be comfortably married to a man with a good living and prospects of future wealth when he inherits Longbourn.

He is not mercenary either. He proposes to Lizzie even though she hasn'tmuch money, and likewise he also proposes to Charlotte, though she doesn't have much money either. But he easily convinces himself that he loves her, because he just wants to marry a suitable wife and be happy. His ambitions are modest, he does not demand either money or beauty in a wife.

He is accepted by Charlotte because she is a practical woman who wants a comfortable establishment and doesn't expect to be in love with her husband. This would have been considered to be a very sensible attitude by most people, because in those days love was an optional extra when you married rather than a pre-requisite. Although there were love matches, you didn't have to be in love in order to marry. But Elizabeth is shocked because ideas about marriage were changing, and to her it seems wrong of Charlotte to marry simply for comfort rather than for love.

Elizabeth is a romantic, but Charlotte and Mr Collins are both realists, and I think they will probably get on pretty well together, despite Elizabeth's conviction that Charlotte is bound to be unhappy."